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Are you interested in helping Us support the Colorado TESOL community? 

CoTESOL board members are committed ESL, ELL, and bilingual educators from across Colorado who strive to bring meaningful, high-quality professional development opportunities to our broader membership.  Education, information, and advocacy are all part of what we do.  (Plus we have fun together!)  Join the CoTESOL board and help us to continue our mission.

Overview of Board Member Responsibilities:

Special Interest Group (SIG) Chair Responsibilities

Attending Board meetings: CoTESOL board meetings are held in February, March/April, May, July, September, and October unless otherwise specified. Different board members host the meetings, usually at their work sites, or we meet online.

Much of the work of CoTESOL is done during the meetings, and your input is invaluable as representatives of your SIG. Meetings are the place for influencing the direction that the organization takes.

Contributing to newsletters: CoTESOL currently publishes 2-3 newsletters per year. Each SIG is asked to contribute an article to each newsletter. The article can be almost anything of interest to the SIG: a book review, an update on a project, a summary of the convention, an interview with or spotlight on an individual, and so on.

Encouraging proposals for the annual convention: There are no convention sessions without convention proposals. As SIG co-chair, you can help make the convention more appealing to your SIG members by encouraging them to submit proposals. CoTESOL is a friendly place for first-time/novice presenters, and some people just need a little encouragement to give a session.

Reading and evaluating proposals for the annual convention: As the board representative for your SIG, you can assess session proposals better than anyone else on the board. CoTESOL relies on your knowledge of the ESL field to evaluate the proposals for the CoTESOL convention.

Lining up speakers for the convention forum: Each SIG has a block of time during the convention for a SIG forum. This is a chance for your SIG to convene and to address a specific topic or topics of interest to you.

Helping in general with the running of the annual convention: There are many tasks that go into running the annual convention, and your help is invaluable. Some of the tasks may include stuffing convention bags with programs and handouts, working at the registration area, serving as an "Ask Me" volunteer, handing out raffle tickets, or helping to provide/distribute AV equipment.  At our online events, SIG co-chairs volunteer to host virtual meeting rooms and provide tech support to presenters.

Recruiting SIG leaders: When your term with the board is drawing to an end, CoTESOL asks that you help to recruit the next associate chair in your SIG.

Complete the following Google form by October 7, 2021 to express your interest in serving on the 2022-2023 CoTESOL Board:

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