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Colorado Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages


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“A TESOL affiliate in Colorado seems to be ‘an idea whose time has come.’”

-Barb Sample, 1st CoTESOL President, Sept. 9, 1977

Colorado Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages was formed in 1977, 10 years after the TESOL International Association, at a time when there was a surge of Intensive English Programs (IEPs) in Colorado.  The early years of the CoTESOL organization were influenced by returned Peace Corps volunteers, who brought back a culture of volunteerism, diversity, internationalism, tolerance, and inclusiveness.  The membership consisted largely of higher ed and IEPs (DU, UCB, CSU, Spring International, UCD, UNC, ALA), with a heavy focus on linguisticsESL was in a transition from behaviorist mim-mem, aural-oral structuralism to a search for something new (SILENT WAY, ECLECTIC, COMPREHENSIBLE INPUT, COMMUNICATIVE COMPETENCE).  CoTESOL had around 150 members for the first 5 years and retained a strong connection with TESOL.

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Members include instructors, program administrators, students, researchers, and volunteers.


Past CoTESOL Presidents

2023 Michelle Raese

2022 Lynda Espinoza Idle

2021 Nicolas Parés

2020 David Stevens

2019 Agnes Farkas-Roszell

2018 Thomas Germain

2017 Susan Holloway

2016 Sara Austin

2015 Jennifer Shank

2014 Chris Tombari

2013 Erin Kimmel

2012 Shannon Svaldi

2011 Christine Deines

2010 Dieter Bruhn

2009 Bruce Rogers

2008 Dieter Bruhn

2007 Chris Ward

2006 Karen Caddoo

2005 Alan Miller

2004 Linda Kowal

2003 Bruce Rogers

2002 Mary Kay Wedum

2001 Laura Peterson

2000 Mary Ann O'Brien

1999 Keiko Krahnke 

1998 Charl Norloff

1997 Charlie Brainer

1996 Lauren Hoyt

1995 Debra Daise

1994 Barbara Sihombing

1993 Erik Erikson

1992 Myrna Ann Adkins

1991 Peggy Lindstrom

1990 Norma King

1989 Jeanne Hind

1988 Nancy Storer

1987 Mary Ann Valeska

1986 Connie Shoemaker

1985 Karl Krahnke

1984 Jean Engler

1983 Jackqueline Ross

1982 Douglas Flahive

1981 Howard Morarie

1980 Mark A. Clarke

1979 Michael Donlin

1978 Jerry Dean Loudenback

1977 Barbara Sample

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